How to use a Wowpage to promote a brand

A Wowpage can help you to promote your brand, increase brand awareness, boost consideration, and generate more sales. You can create the Wowpage with a Wowpage Editor.


How to use a Wowpage to promote my brand?

  • Create the Wowpage for your brand. You can use the Wowpage to share the links to your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels or to post information about products that you sell. The Wowpage Editor allows you to add multiple different blogs to the page, such as text blocks, links, images, youtube videos, buttons, and other web design elements, and customize them as you like. 
  • Use the Wowpage to tell your customers about special offers and sales. You can set up the way of transition from your Wowpage to the final destination address, which could be to click on a confirmation button or redirection after a certain time delay.
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote the Wowpage about your brand while sharing links.