How to use a Wowpage to disclose your material connection with the brand

The FTC uses a very simple principle when monitoring paid influencer social media promotions:

Advertising should be truthful and not misleading. Your ”material connection” with the brand is better to be disclosed according to new guides. Consumers should be able to notice the disclosure easily. 

How to stay on the right side of the law?

1. Create a short Regulatory Compliant link

2. Then, in the new pop-up window, you can make your short link 100% FTC-Compliant by enabling the Wowpage with FTC disclosure.  


The Wowpage with the FTC disclosure statement will appear on the user screen for 3 seconds before redirecting the user to the final destination page. Note that you can disable the Wowpage anytime, change the Wowpage's type, or change the disclosure appearance's duration on the user screen on the “Short Link Settings” page.

The Wowpage disclosure will be automatically selected depending on the chosen type of your short link (advertisement, paid, sponsored, affiliate, etc.).

An example of the Wowpage is below:


3. You can always change the settings for your FTC-Compliant link on the page with your short link settings. For example, you can unselect (disable) Wowpage (#1), choose another Wowpage (#2), or change the time and the way the user gets redirected from the Wowpage to the destination page (#3).


Please be aware that to make your post or content fully compliant, you may need to have additional disclosures such as hashtags #ad, for example. Please refer to relative regulation documentation to find out what other requirements you have to meet in addition to compliance-links to make sure that your whole post is compliant and you are legally safe.