What are Conditional redirection settings?

You can make your short links SMART by setting various conditions based on which your short links will redirect your users. You can choose the following types of redirection conditions:

  1. Country - you can adjust the redirection settings so that users from different countries will be redirected to different destination addresses or will see different Wowpages. You can also deny access to the destination address for users from the countries you don’t want to redirect users.
  2. Language - you can display different Wowpages for users with different languages. For instance, you can have Wowpages in different languages and show them according to the user’s language set in their browsers.
  3. Device type - you can redirect users to different destinations depending on the users’ device.
  4. Operating system - redirect your users with Apple devices with iOS to the app page in Apple Store and users with Android OS to Google Play apps.
  5. Browser type - set different destinations or Wowpages, depending on the users’ browsers.
  6. A number of clicks - you can limit the number of clicks on your short link that get users redirected to the destination address. That is a useful feature for limited promotions or discount offers.
  7. Expiry time - limit lifetime for your short link so it will stop redirecting after a certain date and time.
  8. Password - protect your link with a password so that only users who have a password to set can access the destination address.


If you have already set redirection conditions, you can edit them (icon #9 in the illustration above) or remove the condition (#10).