What plans does Wow.link have? What is the difference between them?

We believe digital space should be better and influencer marketing more effective. That’s a reason why we give you access to so many features for free. Our free plan allows you to create stunning Wowpages, discover in-depth data, and enjoy beautiful short links. The only feature which is not available for those who use the free plan is creating branded domains.

However, if you need to create many links and prefer to have no limits, we have three fantastic plans for you! Let’s get to know more about them:

  1. Basic: 100 smart links, 1500 - branded links, 2500 - custom links, 2 branded domains, 2 Wowpages, and premium domains;
  2. Pro: 500 smart links, 25000 - branded links, 5000 - custom links, 5 branded domains, 25 Wowpages, and premium domains;
  3. Premium - 2500 smart links, 125000 - branded links, 10,000 - custom links, 10 branded domains, 100 Wowpages, and premium domains.

Moreover, in all paid plans, the number of short links and clicks tracked per month is not limited.

You also can use this table to compare the plans and explore which option is right for you.

We know your ideas can be so big and so creative that you even need your personal plan. Feel free to contact us and tell us more about it! We’ll work together to set up the best custom plan for you.

Pro tip: an annual payment is more profitable than a monthly one