How to transfer a Wowpage to another user

Even though it is effortless to create your Wowpage with Wowpage Editor, you can ask someone else to do that for you and then hand the Wowpage over to you. You can also transfer your Wowpage to another user via the Transfer Wowpage function. Transferring Wowpage to another user means that the user gets a copy of your Wowpage in his Wowpage portfolio. After receiving Wowpage, the recipient will be able to modify the Wowpage's received copy in the Editor, use that Wowpage with short links, and it will not affect the original Wowpage of the sender.

To transfer your Wowpage to another user, sign in to your account. Then select “Transfer Wowpage” from the Create menu on the top of any page (#1 in the illustration below). 


In the pop-up window, click on the “+” sign (#2) or click on “Select Wowpage to transfer” (#3) and select the Wowpage that you want to transfer to another account, then click the “Transfer Wowpage” button (#4).


In the pop-up window, copy the generated link with the transfer code (click icon #5) and close the pop-up window (#6). Share the generated link with the user you want to transfer your Wowpage to.


The recipient of your Wowpage will have to open the Wowpage transfer link shown in the illustration above and accept the Wowpage. After accepting the Wowpage, the user will see that Wowpage in the list of his Wowpages.

You can control all transfers of your Wowpages from your account in the Wowpage Management page of the website. To get there, choose “Wowpage Management” from the Main Menu on the top of any page. In the “List of Wowpage transfers to other users,” you can initiate a new transfer (#7) and see the status of all the transfers that you started earlier: