How to set up your domain for URL shortening

To generate short links with your own domain name, you have to add your domain to the database, set up DNS for your domain, and validate your ownership of the domain. That can be easily done with just a few simple steps.

Open the main menu on the header of any website page (#1 in the illustration below) and select “Domains” (#2).


 Then click the button “Add your domain” (#3):


In the pop-up window, type the name of your domain in the text field #4 and click the button “Next”:


Note that if your domain is already used for hosting your website, blog, etc., you will have to add a subdomain to use it for your short links. 

Choose one of 2 options depending on whether the domain is already used (#5) or not (spare domain) #6. Click “Next.” 


If your domain is used for hosting a website or blog, enter the name of the subdomain that you want to use for your short branded URLs, e.g., “click,” “go,” “URL,” etc. in the text field #7 and click “Next.”


Now you will have to set up DNS records for your domain. In the DNS settings of your domain DNS server or domain, the registrant updates the “A” Hostname record with the IP address provided in the pop-up window shown below (#8).

Create a new “TXT” record and set up the Hostname and value (#9) provided in the pop-up window. This record is required for verification of your ownership.

To verify your ownership, update your domain DNS records and click “Check record” (#10). Note that updating the DNS records may take a while, so the check is not successful then recheck it later. 


 As soon as verification is completed successfully, you will see your domain in the list of domains associated with your account.


Now you can select your newly added branded domain while creating a new short URL.